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The Way of Street December 18th  at 6pm

Auction Live for the first time 
exclusive on MoBeArt Gallery  December 18th at 6 pm. 
Auction of street artworks by contemporary artists of  the MoBeArt gallery

there's will be the artworks of 
Noah Borger - OneFake and Stoz

Urban art is not to be confused with graffiti because the latter is to be considered a separate category, visually and conceptually different, belonging to hip hop culture. The substantial difference between street art and graffiti is found in the technique not necessarily bound to the use of spray paint. Street art is seen less and less as a phenomenon that can be traced back or assimilated to vandalism, although it is an art form that cannot ignore its salient element, that is the subordination to the rules.

download the catalogue  of the Auction